100 lire italian stamp value

Thanks for visiting this pages on flickr. I'm neither a typical collector of stamps, nor a stamp dealer. I'm only a stamp photograph. I'm fascinated of the fine close-up structures which are hidden in this small stamp-pictures.

Please don't ask of the worth of these stamps - the most ones have a worth of a few cents or still less. By the way, I wanna say thank you to all flickr users who have sent me stamps! Thank you! Someone sent me 3 or 5 stamps, another one sent me more than 20 stamps in a letter. It's everytime a great surprise for me and I'm everytime happy to get letters with stamps inside from you! I'm pretty sure you'll see these stamps on this photostream on flickr : thx! Please enable JavaScript in your browser.

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100 lire italian stamp value

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Military, War. Art, Artists. Grade see all. VF Very Fine. Color see all.Italy Stamps — The unification of Italy gradually assimilated the independent states which had been issuing stamps since The Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed on 17th March The first Italian stamps were issued 24 February These were similar in design to those issued by Sardinia in but perforated. This was printed in both Turin and London.

Stamps for these areas were issued on 11th November As Germany's ally, Italy declared war on 10th June and the following wartime period saw a tremendous array of overprinted and uniquely designed occupation stamp issues. Invaded by the Allies on 3rd September prolonged action continued throughout the war.

British, American and other Allied forces Post Offices continued to operate until On 17th September stamps for the Allied Military Government were issued in Sicily; further issues were released for use in Naples. The Royal Italian Government was re-established. At that time control of the southern regions was transferred to them by the Allies and the stamps of Italy issued prior to this date were used.

On 23rd September Mussolini proclaimed the Italian Social Republic which administered those parts of Italy which were occupied by Germany. Overprinted stamps for this area were issued in February On 10th June a republic was formed and Umberto abdicated. The first stamps of the republic were issued on 31st October Sandafayre buys stamp collections and are philatelic auctioneers.

We sell stamps to philatelists and stamp dealers from all over the world. Sandafayre holds online stamp auctions every week, and we also hold public auctions of stamps and stamp collections. We offer Italy stamps and Italy stamp collections, complete sets, errors and varieties. Philatelists should regularly visit this page as our auction lots constantly change. Whether you are searching for rare stamps from Italy, classic stamps, postmarks and cancellations, specialised collections, estate boxes and anything related to Italy stamp collecting and filling your stamp albums — just keep your eye on us!

Italian Colonies stamps.

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100 lire italian stamp value

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Stamp Articles. All rights reserved.The Italia al Lavoro series of pictorial definitives came upon the scene Oct. Denominated from 50 centesimi to lire, the millimeter by 40mm stamps were initially printed in sheets of 50 on paper with one of three Winged Wheel watermarks at the State Printing Institute Office of Securities in Rome.

Despite scrolled inscriptions and superlative imagery on the 17 rotogravure stamps and the two engraved high denominations, these stamps are regarded as definitives. Although categorized as definitives, the stamps also can be regarded as among the most thoughtfully conceived and rigorously executed commemoratives ever issued, and their genesis and unusual dual nature is worth exploring. Looking at the full set at one time is not the best way to start. As with the United States Trans-Mississippi pictorial commemoratives Scottseeing all of them at once means missing much of what makes each individual stamp great.

The workers are painstakingly depicted with a grace and gravitas that recalls the most appealing aspects of the fine arts of ancient Rome, but each stamp design shows that what has mattered most down through the countless generations has been the work itself.

Each stamp displays characteristics that unite them, beginning with the text in the scroll at the base of each design, which tells us the name of the job and one of the 19 regions of Italy where the scene is set, most with a specific distinctive regional landmark or activity in the design.

Indeed, through the open garage door we see shining snow-clad mountains and, in the near foreground, buildings ascending steep streets. In the middle distance is the Sacra di San Michele, or St.

With all that history and culture, why is the man in the foreground working on a car, filing away at a part clamped to his workbench? As another example, the lira Plow stamp for Umbria of central Italy is pictured next to a maximum card from Assisi with a photograph showing an almost identical scene. In both, a plowman follows his oxen across a rutted field below the town of Assisi and the magnificent Basilica of St.

Francis, mother church of the Franciscan Friars. The men in this region have raised beef, corn, and hay for three millennia.

That is what you can find on one of these stamps. The complete set is a full-blown nationwide tour, deftly integrating cultural, religious and technological history and landmarks, that fits neatly on one page in your album. For definitives, one might say these stamps are exceptionally commemorative.

Much of their magic came from the brilliant mind and the remarkable talent of Corrado Mezzana, seen here on a lira Stamp Day commemorative honoring the centennial of his birth with a self-portrait stamp Scott A collection of stamps designed by Mezzana would be attractive as well as substantial.

Mezzana had a lifelong fascination with art, cultivated by the best schooling and enhanced by abundant ability. Among his many professional successes, he designed postage stamps for Italy as early asand produced a prodigious number of striking issues through the s and s for Vatican City and San Marino as well.

Exhibits of many of his philatelic designs are displayed in the postal museums of both Rome and the Vatican. There is no clear-cut documentation publicly available of which I am aware, but it seems that much of the initiative as well as all of the original artwork in the Italy at Work definitives came from Mezzana, whose name appears at the bottom on every stamp.

The former is framed by joinery around a high window as he enters to begin building. As if to underscore the eternal nature of that occupation, behind him we see the fantastic spires of the Milan Cathedral, the fifth-largest church in the world, and one that took almost years to finish.

All that work, over two dozen generations, was accomplished by humble, hardworking men such as this one. The Harvest stamp depicts a maiden whose lineage and labors are older still: She could have stepped off a Roman road 2, years ago or more.

Scott records that the 17 lower Italy at Work denominations Scott are perforated gauge The lira and lira high denominations are perforated gauge 13 by 14 and 14 by Also, the lira denomination exists perforated gauge 13 a and gauge 14 band the lira stamps exists perf 14 as well a.

The question of how many different perf varieties actually can be found on these stamps is far from a settled matter. Although many are easily found, some are extremely elusive, and the total number might not yet be known. He maintains a marvelous and well-illustrated website on Stamps of Italy and Italian Colonies, www.

On a Stampboards post www. Then come the watermarks, and here the collecting gets complicated. When originally issued inthe stamps received one of three similar but distinguishable Winged Wheel watermarks Scott watermarkwhich Clayton devotes a well-illustrated page to on his website, www. Winged Wheel watermarks on a wide range of these stamps are known reversed, inverted, and reversed and inverted.During his 46 year reign, Italy became involved in two World Wars. His reign also encompassed the birth, rise, and fall of Italian Fascism under Benito Mussolini.

Unfortunately, these events would be the death-knell of the Italian constitutional monarchy. About a month after his accession, a referendum was held in which the Italian voters decided to abolish the monarchy and to establish a parliamentary republic. King Umberto II then went into exile in Portugal, where he died in The new stamp designs shown above were issued between and These stamps are all typographedperforated 14and they are printed on paper with WMK -- the Crown watermark.

The 15 C. This stamp is a complete departure from previous definitive postage stamps of Italy, in that it is a larger sizeengravedperforated 12and unwatermarked. This stamp was issued in both sheet format and in booklets. The three designs shown above were issued between and As with previous definitive stamps of Italy, these are normal sized, typographedperforated 14and watermarked Crown. This new series of lower denomination definitive postage stamps of Italy began appearingand their production continued through They are all typographedperforated 14and watermarked Crown.

Redrawn types of the March larger sized definitive stamps were issued between and They all have differing attributes. The first 20 C. The second 20 C. A re-engraved type of the 15 C. It is shown above at the left. The designs of these stamps are 24 mm high. Inthe 15 C. It is shown above at the right. The following links feature category-focused affiliated seller listings on various eBay sites worldwide.

They may enable visitors to shop for and to buy specific items for the particular collecting subject they've just read about. The affiliated eBay seller auction lots provided by eBay, Inc. On high priced material, make sure the lots you are buying are properly authenticated.

Briefmarken Italien Dauerserie Italia Italian stamps

Shipping charges may be more, and the lots may take longer to arrive. Also, make sure the foreign seller ships to your country, before bidding on or buying his lot. Return to Stamps of Italy from Definitives of Republic Austria - 2nd.To find the value of your stamp please enter a brief description such as the scene or the words represented on your stamp, denomination and color use only simple colors of your stamp. If you prefer to get more results with less accuracy please use less words to describe the stamp — sometimes it could be better way to find what you need.

100 lire italian stamp value

To optimise the results of your search and to make it more precise, we recommend narrowing its criteria. For instance, instead of flag 34c searching for flag 34c USA united we stand will help you to find the desirable stamp quicker. Try to cut your stamp as smooth as possible and then push Submit button. We use cookies to personalize our content and to improve your user experience.

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Or browse advanced stamp catalogue. What other users search now? Found 3 stamps. How to search. How to search stamps. To make more close match please add more details of your stamp in request. Let's say you have a stamp like this: To optimise the results of your search and to make it more precise, we recommend narrowing its criteria. Low focused request:. Step 1. Make a right photo of your stamp. Shoot the stamp strictly vertical.

The photo should be in focus.

Using a macro lens with smart phone to turn your camera app into digital magnifier/loupe/microscope

Do not use flash and avoid bright light spots. Do not shoot multiple different stamps at once. Step 2. Upload the stamp photo. Do not show this tip again.To read the full story words, 4 images, 2 Commentssubscribe or sign in. If you are new reader and want to learn more about the great content in here please watch the presentation.

My main goal there was spending a day visiting Vapriikki Museum center. There amongst other museums lies also the Finnish Postal Museum. To read the full story words, 18 images, 2 Commentssubscribe or sign in.

But I have a gut feeling that very few of us know very little if nothing about cognitive biases. Before my ongoing crash course with human psychology, I had no clue what the term meant in practice, even though as hindsight I can say it has influenced and shaped my life, stamps included to very large extend.

Most valuable Italian stamps

In nutshell cognitive biases are mental shortcuts aka. It sounds like a perfect match for every worldwide stamp collector. To read the full story words, 4 images, 5 Commentssubscribe or sign in.

100 lire italian stamp value

Life can be a bit of mysterious creature, and never did I imagine taking a one year break from stamps and blogging. But so did happen. But I do know stamps, collecting and writing about all of it will remain part of my of future regardless of events. To read the full story words, 1 images, 6 Commentssubscribe or sign in. This is somewhat up, close and personal stuff, but that should not come as surprise to anyone who has followed SCB for years.

What I am about to say is more or less continuity to my previous post. To read the full story words, 2 images, 12 Commentssubscribe or sign in. As long term readers might recall the story of SCB started out when I was experiencing what felt like the biggest crisis of my then life.

To read the full story words, 1 images, 14 Commentssubscribe or sign in. To read the full story words, 3 images, 3 Commentssubscribe or sign in.

According to all major stamp catalogs Unitrade included these World University Games stamps should be easy and straightforward to collect: two values 32 and 64cno variants besides gum side printed sheet EFO. To read the full story words, 2 images, 8 Commentssubscribe or sign in. Below are few Moroccan stamp like items which have made me pulling my hair.

These are not mentioned in any of the printed catalogues or resources I have access, which very strongly suggests some kind of bogus or cinderella stamp release. To read the full story words, 2 images, No Commentssubscribe or sign in.

Each stamp catalogue provides slightly different coverage, and possibly the best metric for this is inclusion and exclusion of classic pre-runners and local posts. As case example for the day I have chosen the Moroccan Cherifian Post stamps.

How various stamp catalogs list the Cherifian stamps is a very mixed bag. Scott simply footnotes the existence of these stamps, Michel lists six stamps with varieties on back-of-book section, Yvert provides 14 major numbers on their BOB section, and Dallay assigns whooping 40 major numbers as pre-runners of French Morocco.