Best fuel injection for amc 401

See all 2 photos. American Motors—we all laughed. However, I wasn't laughing when I got shellacked by a AMX one night on Route 3 when it was more rural highway than interstate. I believed my '67 Mustang had it all over him. I put the pedal to the metal and so did he. His AMX left a lasting impression still with me to this day. It was at that moment I realized there was more to the AMC and than the stigma of Rambler power. That darned thing was fast.

Though AMC has always been considered the muscle car underdog, it bites. And it bites with fury. If you're driving around in a Chevy, Ford, or Mopar with your ego in cdcr 2019, get ready for unexpected embarrassment from AMC because you're going to get passed up.

They range in displacement from to ci. The, and were Gen 2 short-deck blocks employed in ''69 models. Why Gen 2 and 3 are confusing is because for there was anothera tall-deck block with 0. The short-deck was ''69 only. The tall-deck Gen 3 was '70 only and was replaced by the in the '71 model year. The and have the same 4. Where the and differ is in their stroke.

EFI Fuel Injection Master Kit, 400HP 4-Barrel, 1966-91 AMC, Jeep V8 (See Applications)

The has a 3. Another advantage both the and share is a steel crankshaft, compared with the nodular iron crank in the and The '70 tall-deck AMC has a unique piston-and-rod combo that makes it different from the ''69 variety. The has 2. The Gen 3 block also has half-inch head bolts versus inch for the Gen 2. The owner, Bob Martinez, has opted for a hot hydraulic flat-tappet grind from Comp Cams, Edelbrock heads and induction, MSD ignition, and Doug's headers with a cool ceramic coat.New Posts.

Your donations help keep this valuable resource free and growing. Thank you. Members Profile. Post Reply. Hey guys i was just curious if any one has made a fuel injection system for theor the ?

Or modified one from ford or chevy to work on our engines? Not looking for some race car set up. This will be a street aplication. I'm just gearing up for a javelin project and just gathering ideas. I'm thinking about a or a with a ford T-5 behind it. And I'm hopping someone hammered out a fi system that i could add to the mix.

According to several who have had experience installing the Atomic system, it's pretty good and easily done. Atomic EFI The T5 is a great transmission as long as you don't launch it hard with too much horsepower and sticky tires.

best fuel injection for amc 401

For cruising behind a or it should work great. I've got roughly 10, miles on mine now and I know others have at least that and more. Except for a couple of O2 sensors failing, it was flawless. Howell EFI Bob tufcj. Henry Ford. One thing to be aware of when looking at the various aftermarket systems out there and that is proprietary sensors that are only be used on their system instead of an off the shelf part.

When I researched a TBI kit for my buddies car, I was surprised to find them on some of the systems out there.

If they quit making them in 5 years and you need a new one - you're out of luck and a lot of money.

If a sensor dies while your out on the road somewhere, where would you get one in a hurry? FWIW Do some research before purchasing a system. That's exactly why I went with the Howell system in my CJ. Luckily nothing ever went wrong except an O2 sensor. Just run down to any local parts store and get what you need. That said, it did start easier, idle smoother, got a little better mileage it is closed loopand even ran upside down don't ask.

Bob tufcj. Runs great now that I finally tracked down a persistent leak - square bore to spreader adapter kept blowing a gasket on a very thin section - it would run great for a month then slowly run like crap. Lean is rich with EFI, so mileage hit the toilet. Went thru 3 adapters before I found the problem.New Posts. Your donations help keep this valuable resource free and growing. Thank you. Members Profile.

Wheel Standing 700HP 1969 AMC Javelin SST \u0026 401 Engine Sound on My Car Story with Lou Costabile

Post Reply. I have an edelbrock pro flow fuel injection system on my that I have had for quite awhile. I'm in the process of rebuilding the engine again.

Building an AMC Brute

I have never really been happy with the pro flow system. It seems I can never find the right settings between the engine pinging or running too rich or surging at idle. It's probably just me but there must be hundreds of different variables you have to program into the system to get it right and I'm not an expert of fuel injection systems. I'm thinking about either upgrading it to the pro flow 2 system, that is ridiculously expensive or just converting it to one of the newer self learning throttle body units.

Any opinions? The Full Size Jeep guys are all over fuel injection. Ask your question over there. Honestly, depending on how familiar you are with setting up the electronics side of the fuel injection, your best bet might be a megasquirt ecu with your existing intake, tb, injectors, fuel system, etc.

The Edelbrock electronics, even the pro flo 2, are outdated at best. Better yet would be a Holley HP ecu. Don't have any direct experience myself, but a a guy I know put an FI Tech on his ford and said he is really happy with it. As I see it the biggest problem with fuel injection systems is the lack of vendor support or poor support.

I have worked on systems from several manufactures and the support has been less than spectacular. My personal plans at this juncture are to remove the MSD Atomic from my car and switch to the Holly Sniper system based on the fact that there is an authorized dealer within driving distance. I had MSD support hang up on me in the middle of trouble shooting an issue just because the car started once without exhibiting the problem I was calling about.

Not to mention it took an hour to get through to support in the first place. Choose wisely grasshopper.See all 23 photos. There is a lot of knowledge, history, and beauty held in the inventions of the past, and one of the more redeeming qualities of the Internet is that it has helped educate people on what is rare and what is valuable.

We're witnessing the economic aspect of it right now. Anything made before the '80s is starting to skyrocket in price, and vehicles from the '60s seem to be the toys of rich guys now. No doubt, you've noticed that fullsize Jeeps are the hot ticket for retro builds these days. And that's part of what has us scratching our heads over why so many people are ditching their original AMC V-8s for some go-to LS swap.

We understand the power and fuel economy arguments.

Howell Fuel Injection AMC V-8 Kit - 50-State Freedom

And the LS fuel injection is obviously nice. But how could one appreciate the fullsize Jeep and not also appreciate the venerable AMC V-8 that fullsize Jeeps and lots of CJs were outfitted with between to and again in and ? That got us to thinking. Maybe it's time to explain why you shouldn't ditch that AMC V We've taken a look at Jeep's powerplant past and have compiled a bit of history—as well as some advice on how to build a great AMC V We've also had the pleasure of interviewing Larry Ofria, the man who helped AMC design the dogleg heads in the late s.

best fuel injection for amc 401

He is an engine guru whose racing history goes back more than 50 years. Perhaps this will help you make the right decision when the next opportunity arises to build a custom AMC V Less than two years later, the AMC executive had his new V-8 ready to debut to the world. With a forged crankshaft and connecting rods, this overhead valve pushrod engine became the muscle car powerplant for Rambler, Nash, and Hudson vehicles—and the workhorse for the Jeep trucks and Wagoneer. The engine came in three sizes—the ci, the ci, and the ci—all with the same stroke but different bores.

The ci replaced the ci after a couple years, and the ci was released a year after the original ci but with hydraulic lifters that the ci also later got. There is occasionally some confusion as to what powered the first V-8 J-trucks and Wagoneers, but it was not a Chevy which did not emerge until five years after the AMC By the mid-'60s, AMC's first-generation V-8s were old hat, and the company eagerly introduced its second generation of V-8s in The new V-8 shared the same basic design, but it was a physically smaller block and utilized a more modern thin-wall casting technology that allowed it to drop around 60 pounds over the first-gen V The bore center remained the same, and different displacements were made using a combination of bores and strokes.

These engines had rectangular port heads that flowed well, and AMC's new V-8s were known for making great power with very little headwork. But AMC was not yet where it wanted to be in racing—and not yet satisfied.See all 13 photos. We used to be carburetor junkies. When fuel injection started showing up on our fullsize trucks, we were in a hissy-fit about a fuel delivery system that couldn't be readily modified. Then we finally pulled our heads out of the sand and realized that fuel injection was the off-road god's gift to wheelers.

Electronic fuel injection increased our fuel economy, improved the throttle response and driveability of our trucks, made hard cold starts a thing of the past, and best of all let us drive our trucks to almost any angle without starving the engine of fuel.

By the late 's, EFI was becoming easily modifiable, and complete aftermarket fuel-injection kits were showing up, so any gripes we previously had were now unfounded. We only have one gripe left about fuel injection: Why aren't there a ton of state smog-legal EFI retrofit kits available? Fuel injection makes an engine more emissions-friendly than a carburetor because the EFI's control module is able to take engine temperature, vacuum, exhaust readings, and other variables into account and adjust the fuel delivery accordingly.

But it is a long and costly process to get EO numbers from the government, even when fully deserving of them. We did find one company that took the time and spent the money to get EO numbers for its retrofit kits: Howell Fuel Injection sells very affordable smog-legal fuel-injection kits for not only the Jeep inline-six, but now for the AMC, and ci V-8 engines as well.

We couldn't wait to get our hands on a kit. Our horsepower numbers were still lower than expected this was not a generous dynamometerbut we bumped from That's a 20 lb-ft increase of usable torque for the trail!

Not only that, but the driveability and general usefulness of this Cherokee Chief were improved immensely. Also gone were cold starts, stuttering, and any dying out on steep inclines. Forums Photos Videos Industry Videos. Jerrod Jones Photographer, Writer. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.Remanufactured GM throttle body adapts directly to 2 or 4 barrel intake manifold, replacing carburetor. Contains all necessary sensors, wiring harness, ECM, and electric fuel pump. Runs with stock Jeep distributor.

Great for serious four-wheeling. For 50 state emission legal installation please search other items in our store. ECM installs under dash. High pressure fuel pump must be installed in main fuel line from tank, and bypass fuel returned to the tank.

Harness includes diagnostic connector, and diagnostic is similar to GM pickup truck. Note: NOT state emission legal. Auction Sales Policy:. Warranties are offered by the manufacturer and will be honored by the manufacturer.

No shipping and handling fees will be returned in any case. Larger items will be shipped Truck Freight. No International shipping please other than Canada. Please contact me with any questions. Collins Bros Jeep Accessories jeepaccessories Used Parts.

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best fuel injection for amc 401

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