Maslow frame build

I built this rolling triangle shaped frame as a multi-purpose piece of shop furniture. Construction was relatively straightforward except for the fact that I had to cut a lot of 15 degree angles on one end of each of my frame boards. The three boards that make up my triangle ish frame are They each have one 90 degree angle end, and one 75 degree 15 degree cut end. These helped hold the system together before I mounted the unitstrut on the top, and also serve as shelf supports for long board storage above my main area for sheet storage.

I like your design and how you made the storage space between the front and b ack. The detail of the build was very good. Thanks for taking the time to explain the details and the excellent pictures.

Great design, especially with the wood storage. Would you mind checking the triangle measurements? You are right, I did flub those measurements somehow, sorry. I have updated the post to reflect the correct measurements Keep in mind that the bottom board overlaps the two uprights when I screw them together. The storage factor is genious!

Do you have directions posted anywhere or how you set up the machine on the frame? First of all, thanks for sharing your design in such detail.

I got my kit recently but have been putting off building the frame as I reviewed what other people have had success with. Do you mind if I cite you as the creator? That was the longest length that would fit under my garage door. Your email address will not be published. Close Menu Leaf Truck. Tags garagemaslow. Just ordered my Maslow components Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Maslow is a large 4'x8' CNC cutting machine designed to let you cut big, useful things out of wood and other flat materials.

Cut out a tiny house, a kayak, a tree house, some furniture, or anything else you can imagine. Maslow is designed to be affordable to buy, cheap to ship, easy to use, and powerful. Because designs can be shared digitally, you can build on the work of others or create your own from scratch. Here is a quick introduction video. Maslow began as a hobby project of Bar Smith in In we shipped four more batches of kits sending thousands of machines around the world, and watched the community take off.

In the project out grew what the original Maslow team could handle in terms of shipping volume, and we are currently in the process of turning the manufacturing of Maslow kits over to the community. You can see which parts the community is currently selling in the community market.

maslow frame build

Maslow has an active and amazing community. Here are some of the things they have made and shared in our forums. All photos belong to the project creators so please ask before using them. Maslow is a community driven open source project with the goal of making large format CNC technology available to everyone. We believe in a world where people everywhere can collaborate, share, and build amazing things together.

maslow frame build

Our Story Maslow began as a hobby project of Bar Smith in What are people making? By Brr. By Madgrizzle. By Maslow. By ClintLoggins.

By HydronCollider. By Jcourrier. By MeticulousMaynard. By Badaboom Berlin. By Bryce. By Onelonedork. By Jakrro and GMS By Backpocket. By Blsteinhauer By Clint Loggins.The Maslow community has created several versions of the machine frame. Each offers different strengths and weakness.

Take a look at the options below to choose the one which is right for you, or go with the default frame if you don't want to make a decision. Designed by the Maslow community and in particular dlang and madgrizzle this frame is sturdier, quicker to build, and requires fewer tools than the old default design.

The most critical part of any design is that the motors are spaced apart and held firmly in place, that the chains are kept in plane, and that it be something which you feel comfortable building. Here are some other designs the community has come up with. The use of bolts to hold this design makes it go together quickly and precisely, but requires additional tools.

The strategic use of bolts and factory edges for alignment makes measurements less critical resulting in a very accurate frame. Photo of frame design Link to assembly instructions Build Manual. This design has the greatest number of hours on it and was the default for a long time, however it's lack of a top beam makes this frame somewhat outdated and nolonger recommend.

If you have a new design for a frame that could benefit the community please add it to this list! Write assembly instructions and take photos. The wiki cannot host photos directly so any photos in your assembly guide will need to be uploaded by making a pull request.

How to setup the NEW Maslow CNC Kit from MakerMade (2019) - Part 1

This process is a little bit of a hassle, but it keeps all our documents in a central community accessible place, and it will add your name to the list of collaborators! To upload your pictures follow the instructions under " How To Contribute " except instead of editing the software add to the hardware repository here. Please place your pictures in a folder to keep things organized. Once your pictures have been uploaded you can reference them here.

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maslow frame build

If we can't repair it, we'll replace it or reimburse the purchase price with an Amazon e-gift card. Plans are only valid for new or certified refurbished products purchased in the last 30 days with no pre-existing damage. Protection plan documents will be delivered via email within 24 hours of purchase.This is the code which generates the Maslow Community Garden website which you are most likely reading.

Meta right? Basic drawings of table and gantry is provided to help in construction along with stl files of 3D printed parts. The Fusion f3D files are included to help in further modifications. Be able to see the current Z value of your maslow from all over the workshop. Sharpie Pen Holder that was originally created by krkeegan and is designed to hold the pen so that you can use the maslow to draw lines on the material. I had gotten the z-axis kit with my Maslow originally, but I frequently found it off of spec when cutting.

I tried all the simple fixes bungee cord, gluing a bushing to the frame to keep alignmentand while they helped, I still had trouble with incomplete cuts way too often. The robot which handles voting and merging pull requests on community projects.

26 Cold Frame Plans For Your Winter Garden

A chain guide to increase chain engagement with the sprocket on the original frame. A version of the sled which leaves in the center part to help with router alignment. If we replace the mount for the router to instead hold a normal hand held Plasma cutter torch head then we could use the Maslow CNC for cutting all sorts of metals too.

There are already similar conversions to turn hand held plasma cutters into a flatbed plasma cutters driven with computer CNC controls. This design aspect is beyond my capabilities, but I know with help from people much smarter than me in this community that we can turn the Maslow into a CNC plasma cutter as well for a fraction of the price of existing plasma cutting tables. The design part of this project is beyond my skill set, but if there are people willing to help with that part, then I am will to build the prototype and help make their design concepts a reality.

You can email me at creativecustoms. Thanks Greg. A easy to print option using existing mounting points and screws and includes a hole to hook the loose end of chain.

An easy to build working desk, without using srews, made with 9mm plywood also the uploaded files a prepared for 9mm material.

This is the design files for a cupcake stand that can also be a free-standing display. My first Maslow project. Had a few accuracy issues with the edges of Maslow cut area. A corner shelf shaped like a rocket. The picture is of initial design. The current design has a smaller center shelf, so it does not overlap the side. Mid-Century inspired end table.Does anyone have any advice or tips as to building the frame.

I am going to order the maslow kit in a couple of weeks and want to be prepared. There are many different types of frames to fit many situations. Perhaps you could give an idea of the space you plan to build yours into so that the tips are meaningful to you.

The only really unique thing I did was put casters on it so I could roll it around in my garage. As you can see from the first link, there are a lot of opinions on what is important.

Choose A Frame Design

And if you search the forum, you will find several different types of frames, from hinged wall mounted frames, metal frames, rolling frames, the list goes on. I think a portrait setup would cause inaccuracies. The longer the chain in a vertical manner the less lateral control the chains have.

I see. I was thinking about the disadvantage of the longer chain in landscape and how it pulls too much. In the same way, like you are saying, it may not have so much leverage to move it where it needs to go in portrait. This, of course, uses great size in a strange configuration. The parameters you can really play with are the height above the workpiece and distance between the motors along with the dimensions of the workpiece. Hey, My advice is to get started building now.

When your kit arrives you are going to want to get started using it right away. I also put my router on caster wheels and made the base wide enough so I can include plywood storage on the back side. The only thing I noticed is that my floor in the garage isnt level. So I put tape marks on the ground and always return the router to the same spot before I start using it.

Cheers Rufino. Make sure the wood you use for the top cross beam that the motors attach to is dense enough to securely hold the screws you use to attach the motors. I built mine like a reverse air hockey table with a pegboard and a vacuum into my dust collection system.

I would suggest thinking through the chain tensioners, I have seen a few custom frames that move the elastic strings out of the way. Once I have made up my mind on the feet of the stand I will dissasemble and paint. Have a 3d printed case for the audrino, and chain guides, then it will be done. I would be concerned about flex in the arms, there is a fair amount of force that the motors can apply to the arms pulling them towards each other on the topand if they flex, even a few mm, that will show up in the resulting cut.

I had this problem, especially after upgrading to the new controller shield. I ended up having to reinforce the top beam with a perpendicular 2x4. If you want it to break down and need more stiffening, you could consider something like scaffold braces! Building maslow frame No Judgement.

Keith April 2,pm 2. Arykk April 2,pm 3.Ring Support. The ring system was designed as an improvement over the old chain attachment system which was two L brackets. The L brackets attached the sled at two fixed points which meant that the math relating the lengths of the chains to the position of the sled needed to take into account the sled's rotation which is very complex.

It also meant that other forces like the dust collection hose dragging could impact accuracy. The solution to these issues is to have the chains meet at a single point at the router bit. This makes the router bit the center of rotation and greatly reduces the math required. The issue is that the router bit is already taking up that space.

A number of solutions have been proposed where the chains attach to something which moves in a circle around the router bit and point directly to it The proposed solutions include using large bearings, linkages which when moved move in an arc around the router bit, and this solution where small bearings run along a ring.

Because the sled is a shape which could be difficult to make by hand we are going to make a rough version by hand and then use Maslow to cut the final version.

Technical Details

This process is largely the same regardless of which frame design you build, so don't worry if the pictures look a little different than your frame. If you have not already done so, cut the following shapes from a sheet of plywood. The dimensions of these parts are not critical, and you can cut them by hand. Next, we need to drill holes in these parts. Adding a hole in the center of the sled will let the router pass through. Adding holes at the bottom of the sled and in the brick holders will let us use bolts to hold the bricks in place.

Attach your router to the sled. This step will vary depending on the router you are using so it's a little bit up to you, but the gist will be the same on most routers.

You will probably need to remove the handles from your router to make it fit within the ring. On the Ridgid router, the handles are held on using two bolts hidden under the caps on the handles. Removing the caps over the bolts can be quite difficult, I ended up drilling a hole in one to get access to the bolt. Remove the router base plate, and attach the router to the sled using the same bolt holes that the base plate used to attach.

The bolts which held the base plate may not be long enough to pass through the plywood. Attach the ring to the sled. The ring attaches using the three adjustable 'L' brackets, the small wood screws, and the small nuts and bolts shown below. First, attach the 'L' brackets to the ring using the small nuts and bolts, then attach the ring to the sled using the wood screws such that the ring is concentric around the router.

For now do your best to make the ring concentric around the router, on the final sled we will use alignment marks to dial the placement in.

maslow frame build

Note that the 'L' brackets are designed to let you move the ring up and down to adjust for your router's center of gravity. When supported by the ring the router should hang vertically.