Philips 65oled984 price

Love films? You'll see—and hear—every detail. See all benefits. If you're eligible for VAT relief on medical devices, you can claim it on this product.

The VAT amount will be deducted from the price shown above. Look for full details in your shopping basket. Support for Dolby's premium sound and video formats means the HDR content you watch will look—and sound—gloriously real.

Whether it's the latest streaming series or a Blu-Ray disc set, you'll enjoy contrast, brightness and colour that reflect the director's original intentions. And hear spacious sound with clarity, detail and depth. With Philips Ambilight, movies and games feel more immersive. Music gets a light show. And your screen will feel bigger than it is.

Intelligent LEDs around the edges of the TV cast on-screen colours onto the walls and into the room, in real time. You get perfectly tuned ambient lighting.

philips 65oled984 price

And one more reason to love your TV. Experience endless movies, TV, music, apps and games online. More to love. Discover new levels of nuance and detail thanks to our P5 picture processing. Do more with up-to-the-minute smart functions and immerse in the content you love with Ambilight. It's more than OLED.

See our OLED TVs with the truest of blacks, vibrant colours, most-realistic natural skin tones and incredibly smooth motion. Now you can see every detail with greater depth impression, and clean yet sharper picture performance. A picture this lifelike demands true sound.Incredible images and stunning sound combine to make the OLED worthy of its eye-watering price tag.

What more could you ask for? But this degree of wishlist fulfilment comes at an eye-watering cost. All of which means that it needs to be seriously brilliant. No-one is going to spend this much money on a TV with an expensive integrated sound system without intending to use it, but it would be nice to have the option to split the two if, for example, you wanted to combine the screen with a full home cinema system at some point in the future.

Still, as an all-in-one solution, this is delightful, with the stalk of the stand positioned at the back of the floor plate so that it runs up the wall if positioned against one.

The idea is that by separating the tweeter from the cabinet it will be less susceptible to diffraction effects and therefore produce a cleaner, more even sound. Behind the classy fabric cover of the big, main speaker enclosure are three discrete speakers for left, right and centre channels. We don't expect you will. The left and right units also feature their own tweeters, which are pushed to the extremities of the enclosure to help reduce diffraction and create a wider spread of sound.

The drivers used here are much bigger than is normal for a TV and that means that the speaker enclosure is rather thick. The plastic casework on the rear of the TV panel is a little thicker than most and covers a larger area, too, presumably at least partly as a result of the Ambilight system it houses.

The neck upon which everything is mounted and which contains hidden cable channels adds yet more thickness. The overall depth of the set when wall mounted is If free-standing, the footplate takes this measurement to However, we've been told that Freeview Play was mistakenly added to the TV as part of the most recent software update and could well disappear soon, along with some or all of the catch-up apps.

BBC iPlayer should remain available, but there are no guarantees regarding the others. Broadly speaking, Android TV is now a pretty good TV operating system, with a decent amount of customisation and value-added features such as Chromecast and Google Assistant, but it is still a fair way short of the bespoke operating systems of Samsung and LG and feels less like the heart and engine of the user experience and more like a source. This is especially annoying when watching Amazon Prime Video as the app loads from scratch when you click the app icon, leaving you to scroll the menus to reopen what you were just watching.

Philips argues that most HDMI 2. That reduces input lag to 33ms, which, while not super-low by current standards, will be imperceptible to most gamers. Ultimately, you can start with Vivid and tone it down or start with Standard and pump it up - the results are the same. Even on its lowest setting we find ourselves regularly distracted by shimmer and noise around tricky motion.

And the set struggles to keep track of the soldiers manning the machine guns on the military 4x4s as they race through the trees towards the end of Logan on Blu-ray. The only solution is to turn the motion processing off entirely, even though this results in a fair amount of judder and blur. In the long run, we find that less distracting. In terms of detail, sharpness and contrast, there is currently no better TV. Edges are crisper, details are brought to the surface and contrast is more pronounced, but nothing seems artificial.

But even with all three features switched off, this is a much punchier, more dynamic and three-dimensional performer than even the brilliant Panasonic GZB. Switching to standard-def from the integrated tuner, our tweaked Vivid mode still produces a nice picture. If you find this to be a problem, you can switch on the Noise Reduction, which improves things significantly. It draws you into the picture, makes the screen seem bigger and increases perceived contrast.

Unlike most Ambilight TVs, which have strips on the left, right and top edges, the OLED also has a strip along its bottom to complete the effect. The idea is that the OLED is a complete system for everything you watch and listen to, including music. Compared to the Panasonic GZitself a good-sounding TV, the Philips is vastly more open, spacious and rhythmic, with a genuine soundstage that boasts precisely placed instruments and effects.

The delivery is crisp, taut and punchy, with detail and dynamics hitherto unheard from a TV sound system. Switch to a Dolby Atmos soundtrack and the Philips continues to impress. Some might crave the sofa-shaking low-end of a subwoofer, but the bass of the integrated drivers is more than deep enough to satisfy most people.

Philips 984 OLED+: Spectacularly immersive audio and visuals

We were hoping that the Philips 65OLED would be something special, and that turns out to be the case. If you have a big enough budget and the desire to make a seriously stylish statement, this is the TV for you.Moments latter, we meet the trapper camp, all chatter and crackling fire. As it comes under attack, the soundtrack is punctuated by taught, rhythmic drum beats.

These have real body and cut through the soundstage. The running battle in Sicily in Aquaman Ultra HD Blu-ray has bass impact, but there's a rolloff of low frequencies that steals the final layer of cinematic delight. Still, when the bell flies from the bell tower, the deliberate slo-mo bass note is conveyed, and the way the TV marshals the smorgasbord of FX in this scene, from crumbling masonry and laser fire to the propulsive score, is superb.

Set it on and it will force an Atmos height effect from all content; in Auto it will only kick in with Dolby Atmos material it's also on by default with Movie mode. Despite there being no upfiring drivers here, this processing can be rather effective, enlarging the soundfield and emphasising certain soundmix elements.

Only at times did I find it missed a beat, but Original, which sounds natural and still immersive, is a fine alternative. This 4K HDR set presents the natural beauty of The Revenant's cinematography and naturalistic colour palette to thrilling effect.

Philips' 3rd Gen P5 processor now a dual-chip design and the OLED panel's considerable brightness combine to create a picture that subjectively doesn't want for dynamism. Shadow detailing and near dark handling also impresses. In Chapter 3, as the trappers scramble to escape on the boat at dusk, the frame is filled with dark details — the boat's wooden hull, its shadowy interiors, coils of dirty brown rope.

The image doesn't crush, with fine details remaining apparent. Those who used to own a plasma TV will be familiar with it — a natural, almost organic feeling to the picture that backlit designs can struggle to attain; those self-emissive pixels make their presence felt. Criticisms are minor. Philips myriad user adjustments can also prove daunting. The biggest consideration is whether this model serves your needs. There's a price premium here over most other 65in OLED TVs LG's wall-mountable W9 being an exception and if you have an interest in running or later upgrading to a discrete sound system you shouldn't pay it.

But the OLED, which builds both display and soundbar into a smart design, is aimed at a different market.

Philips 65OLED984 TV

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Please note: 03 numbers are NOT premium rate numbers. Hi-Fi View our hottest hi-fi deals! How do I know I'm getting the most from my hi-fi? What exactly is a 'Network Music Player'? A guide to speaker cables Why pay more for stereo amplifiers? Setting up your turntable Why pay more for turntables? Surround sound explained What is a soundbar?

Philips 65OLED984 review

Why pay more for home cinema amplifiers? What is multi-room? How do I get the best from my headphones? Headphone driver types explained. Is specialist furniture worth the cost? Speaker Stands A guide to speaker cables Do cables really make a difference? How do I control my entire system from one remote? What are the difference between HDMI cables?

Wi-Fi or Wired? Lowest Price Guaranteed! Find out more. Expert Advice.The Philips 55OLED is aimed perfectly at people who want to pay a little more attention to sound, but who also want to keep an eye on their budget. Here you will also find the complete specifications per model. Combining a television with a soundbar, it always results in a remarkable result. That is all the more true if you start from the super slim profile of an OLED screen.

The screen has a beautiful brushed metal back that seamlessly folds around the screen, creating a fine frame. At the rear are the connections, electronics and the Ambilight LEDs in the black plastic housing. It is quite short, has a parallelogram profile and is covered with Kvadrat speaker fabric. This has a soundbar and that can be seen. The OLED also comes with an extra neck specifically for wall mounting. It still protrudes a part behind the device, but less far than the neck for the standing arrangement.

Really super-tight wall mounting is therefore not possible.

Review: Philips 55OLED934 – oled TV with Bowers & Wilkins soundbar

The remaining connections at the back point to the bottom. Those who want to give their soundbar some extra oomph can connect a subwoofer to the subwoofer pre-out. The new GPU, together with the new Android version, provides a smoother experience, but the latest Sony models work just a little smoother.

The interface of Android 9 Pie organizes all content in channels that occupy horizontal rows on the screen. You can adjust or remove these channels yourself. It is very light and the layout looks somewhat busy. The dark inscriptions on the silver background are not always easy to read, but it is better than the white inscriptions that we found on the OLED A remote with a somewhat more premium look would certainly not look out of place with this device.

It looks a bit cheap to our taste, but this remote is not too bad in daily use. It fits well in the hand, and the low profile keys are easy to press. The Android Home key centrally under the d-pad could have been indicated a little more clearly. The remote has a keyboard at the back, and uses Bluetooth for voice commands, but also works completely via infrared. So good alignment remains required. Via the shortcut menu button at the top left you get an alternative way to select inputs, to call up the channel list, or to go to the frequently used settings.

Recording can be done to a USB hard disk, but recording and simultaneously watching another channel is only possible if one of the two channels is not encrypted Free to Air.

Good detection of film and video frame rates and excellent deinterlacing make jagged line edges or moire effects very rare often still important for those who watch TV with a set-top box. The third generation P5 processor received improved noise reductionwhich does a great job of random noise.

Compression noise block formation is a bit more difficult, but is also tackled well. Set sharpness to 1 and activate Ultra Resolution for some extra detail, which is also improved in the new processor. Where Philips still has some work: getting rid of color bands. That provides good, but certainly not perfect, results. Fast moving images retain a lot of detail on an OLED screen.

This way you lose as little detail as possible.

philips 65oled984 price

If you want smooth pan images, switch to Standard or Smooth, although the latter choice continues to create some small visible image artifacts in complex scenes.The result is an impressive OLED television with a powerful soundbar, in a striking design.

A premium option for the home theater enthusiast. Here you will also find the complete specifications per model. It exudes luxury from head to toe, and more than any other TV you should see it as a lifestyle object. The entire construction is particularly strong.

We cannot deny that we secretly hoped for a swivel base. The soundbar is covered with Kvadrat speaker fabric, also on the side, and has a strip at the top made of the same brushed metal material as the base. The tweeter is protected with a decorative grid. The vertical position is at the back of the base plate, and is finished with a mirror finish.

It has a key shape with a flat line at the front. Because of the mirror finish, the key shape disappears as it were and you only see that narrow frontal line, that is very beautiful. A very nice setup, but one with some challenges. Where do you put your peripherals, for example? The device itself is on the floor, it is not intended to stand on furniture.

Long cables will therefore be a necessity. Wall mounting is possible. The lower support and the foot plate can be released. You then mount the television and soundbar on the wall. Provide a sturdy support, because even without a foot the whole weighs 38 kg!

All connections are still on the screen. A clip is provided to tie the cables together, and you can lead them down through a hole in the central position. There are also two USB connections, wireless and wired network, and Bluetooth for wireless keyboards and the remote. In addition to the headphone output and digital optical output, there is also a subwoofer pre-out. Ideal if you really want to make it thunder. All connections at the back point downwards. Installation is now even easier, linking to a google account is easy by entering a code on your smartphone on androidtv.

It is very light and the layout of the keys looks pretty busy. He therefore looks a bit cheap. The white inscriptions can sometimes not be read on that silver background under certain lighting conditions. The keys have a very low profile, but are clearly noticeable and do not require too much pressure. During use, the layout turned out to be less problematic than it looks.

At the top you will find buttons for Ambilight, with the quick menu, Google Assistant and the sources from left to right. The Home key is at the center of the d-pad.

He was allowed to get an accent so that he stands out more. The Back key and Options key are left and right of it. The play keys are close to your thumb for easy use. At the rear it has a keyboard. In short, the remote is not an outstanding player, but it is sufficiently handy. It works entirely via IR, except of course for the voice commands, which are sent via Bluetooth.Read about our review ethos and the meaning of our review badges.

philips 65oled984 price

Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register. What's new Search Search. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Latest activity. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Is this the best-sounding TV ever? Review Specs Discussion Hop to What is the Philips ? What is the Philips ? The new model builds on the success of last year with a stylish European design and the third generation P5 processing engine.

The runs the latest version of the Android operating system and also includes 4-sided Ambilight. The inclusion of a custom-designed 3. Let's find out. The bottom part of the stand beneath the speaker can be removed and the screen and speaker can be wall mounted using an included bracket.

The attached speaker uses three front-firing channels composed of a woofer and a tweeter. The entire speaker cabinet is wrapped in Kvadrat fabric, which adds another touch of class. The is a gorgeous piece of industrial design — all chrome, brushed metal and Kvadrat fabric. There are USB 2. Philips has also included a headphone socket, an optical digital output, composite and analogue stereo inputs, a CI Common Interface slot, an Ethernet port and a subwoofer output.

In terms of wireless connections, the sports There's a full set of connections and Philips's clever dual-sided remote control. The includes the 3rd generation P5 processor which now uses a dual-chip arrangement designed to add extra computational power to key intensive parts of the processing chain. The 3rd generation of P5 extends picture performance by improving noise reduction, sharpness, colour accuracy and contrast.

Sound Quality. The new sound system is based around a large separate speaker cabinet that uses a three-channel layout. This is a speaker rather than a soundbar because the 60W of amplification 20W per a channel is built into the TV itself. There's no subwoofer, but you have the option of adding a wired sub if you feel the need for one.