Sirius black x reader singing

Summary: After a prank Sirius ruins something extremely important to you, so you get pissed. While sneaking around he realizes why you were so pissed and tries to apologize. I hope this super long story makes up for it. I actually kinda like this one alot, hope you enjoy it. Hatred filled you like air into a balloon. Your blood had been replaced by lava and it was steaming, white-hot through you. Those idiot Gryffindors were going to regret everything they have ever done in about 10 minutes you thought as you looked at your common room.

Red and gold covered everything. Every couch, every chair, every table, every wall, and unfortunately for you, every book and paper on the tables. You screeched loudly. You had simply left for 30 minutes to eat dinner before returning to your homework and now, not only was the positions essay you had almost finished been ruined but so had your charms, Defence against the dark arts and herbology essays.

Along with the seven books for those classes you had bought at the begging of the year. There was no way that you would be able to clean the paint off, it was surely enchanted and now you would have to stay up all night finishing essays that would never be even half of the quality the originals were.

As the rest of the Slytherin house began to clean up the mess you had ideas of making a new one. You snatched your soggy papers and books off of the table and stormed out of the room.

The second you saw him your anger returned like a boiling title wave. He had just ruined all of your work from the past week and now he was laughing throwing his head back as his shiny teeth flashed and his glistening black hair fell away from his precise jawline and cheekbones. You walked straight up to him and before he could even look at you, you grabbed the collar of his shirt and threw him against the wall holding him there.

As you did you heard many people utter gasps of surprise and James yell something but you were defened by wrath. His eyes widened maximum number of repeated square root python surprise then relaxed as you saw your small frame.

You screeched again, shoving your fist upward effectively throwing him back against the wall and jabbing him in the throat.

You may be small but you were far from weak. You had had enough. You brought your knee up and as it connected with his crotch you dropped his collar and he tumbled to the ground with a scream. With that, you turned on your heel and left pushing past the group of students that had gathered to watch.

Just Friends (Young!Sirius Black)

Before you could exit the scene a hand grabbed your wrist. It was just a stupid prank! All of those things were insignificant to the real problem. He had ruined your books. But not to you. To you, they were the extra hours you worked at a stupid coffee shop. They were the late nights and early mornings you had forced yourself in to. They were the reward you got for getting stared at by men twice your age because of the stupid tiny skirt that was somehow considered as a uniform.Requests : 1.

Okay, so. Also, my English and smutty. You were always keeping him on his toes; you flirted with him shamelessly, you sassed him and messed with his ego. Someone had to do it. He was hitting on every girl but you knew that he never really liked it when he actually got them. He liked the chase. He enjoyed the flirting and the game. So, that was exactly what you did. Played his game. On your terms. And it seemed to work because his cheesy pickup lines were all towards you.

He had stopped sleeping around. He actually had one girl on his mind, as Remus had told you. You were good friends with Remus; you were friends before you developed a crush on his friend. It was only natural. He was gorgeous and he knew it, he was smart, witty and sarcastic while at the same time he was an amazing friend to Remus-as all of them- and he was a kind soul, caring and… well, something about his eyes.

They were honest and trustworthy. You knew about his so-called family. Whenever you two spotted each other in the room, you felt like he was the magnet and you were the metal. Like, now. You were in the common room, talking to Lily, who was in the middle of a crisis about James. He waltzed over to you and plopped down next to you with an arm around your shoulders.

You arched an eyebrow in question. His eyes were so stormy and so dark. Darker than their usual gray. Like he was provoking you to do something. You leaned closer, your eyes drifting from his to his full and perfectly shaped mouth and back. He knew that you knew just as you knew that he was aware that you knew.Originally posted by softsiriusblack.

Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup and they were throwing a huge party in the common room. Everyone was invited, even the Slytherins. Everyone was dancing on the music, drinking, eating or singing. Sirius was looking around the room, James and Lily were dancing together and even Remus was dancing with a Hufflepuff girl one year below the Marauders. Peter was casually talking with a small and chubby Ravenclaw. He was waiting for his girlfriend, but she was still upstairs.

Sirius reached the door and pushed it open. He was in his human form again and smirked as he saw his girlfriend do her makeup. She turned around when she saw him standing in the door frame, in her mirror. How did you get up here? He kissed her cheek and laid his hands on her hips. You heard me. She missed him inches with her brush. He laughed and raised his eyebrow at her. The next couple weeks were a bit different. Sirius suggested that she better could go to Mrs.

Pomfrey to check if she was alright. Little did she know that she was getting the shock of her life there. Remus reacted just as shocked but tried to make it less by congratulating her. She laughed and hugged him. He promised her that it will be alright and they thought about a plan to tell Sirius.

Peter opened the door and gave her a warm and understanding smile. All the Marauders and even Lily knew by now, so they could help her. Except Sirius. She was dead scared for what Sirius would say. Can we talk for a moment?

Turning Letters Into Words

What is this about? Sirius stopped in the middle of his smile and his face sunk. He dropped his wand and the blood disappeared out of his face. His eyes were glassy and his face was paler than ever when he stared at nothing. Sirius said nothing. His usual grin seemed to appear on his face again as he lift her off her feet.

I hope she has your eyes and my hair, or he of course. But I hope a she because I want a mini you. You've got enough to nerve. Ask Submit Archive Random Theme.Originally posted by rubeegillis. Sirius froze, dropping the trunk he was about to carry out the window.

FTWDImagines — Sirius Black x Animagus! Reader; James Potter...

You approached your twin brother cautiously through the wide open door, with immense worry in your eyes. Sirius snorted at your choice of words, leaning on the windowsill with his arms crossed. You underestimate me too much. You scoffed, almost regretting the amount of concern you just felt for him. You and Sirius had drifted apart ever since you were sorted into the family house - being Slytherin - and he was sorted into Gryffindor on your first years of Hogwarts.

Now, you watched as Sirius sat in front of you, barely making eye contact as he continued to stare at the hem of your dress. Normally, you would mock his slow processing with words and come up with something smart to say, breaking the system. You rubbed the side of your head, feeling a small ache grazing your brain. Even if it meant letting him go to wherever he was heading just now.

It was even more upsetting because you knew it was the truth. Sirius noticed you staring and blushed. You assumed it was also a muggle thing he got interested in after befriending that redhead, Lily Evans. Without saying goodbye. Before when you got replaced by James Potter and he was replaced by Lucius Malfoy. You were about to lean out the window so you could look if the coast was clear from the House elves downstairs, but Sirius quickly grabbed your shoulder and turned you to face him.

You blinked, astonished he would even come up with such an idea. You needed to be here if you were going to keep your parents sane. You knew why: He was always compared to the other better son. His eyes were red as if he was going to cry. James smirked as he lowered his voice into a supposed-seductive tone.

Sirius turned deep red as he walked off swiftly, remembering the day you walked in on him and… Yeah. James hesitantly followed, grimacing as he grabbed onto it beside Sirius, making the world around you spin and spin….

James stood up from the ground with a groan, stuffing his wand back into his pocket. You let the two of them engage in another conversation with a strange topic no one really cares about ever - as they do - and casually opened the front door to the Headquarters.

Lily taught me how to cook a fry-up today - And I had lots to practice. You nodded, a sly smile playing on your lips. You knew what he was thinking. Or who he was thinking of.

Sirius Black x Remus Lupin - Demons

He nodded to himself, wiping his hands on the apron around his waist as he headed upstairs. Now go make your fry-ups.

sirius black x reader singing

It took a moment for James to understand what you were implying - Until he grinned his signature toothy grin and nodded. When you were silent, he swallowed and continued even though he knew you were much aware about what the matter was. Now it was your turn to sigh, pulling a stool closer for you to sit on.

Take the house back. You nodded after a long pause, secretly surprised Sirius was capable of coming up with such a wise reply. Sirius rested his head on your shoulder, pressing a light kiss to your head. He succeeded, making everyone around the table go silent.Aaand enjoy. You were sitting in the library….

You were just sitting there, doing absolutely nothing. You opened the first page and started reading. Everything was lame. Even the birds, who were singing from the trees, which reached the 4th floor opposite of the standing block of flats, and how they stole his attention at least once or twice… Even they were lame.

sirius black x reader singing

They were just lame. Even the always-funny Zelvak, who everybody called the bosnian immigrant, who lived on the first floor and who was always fixing his old Volkswagen, even he was lame. You read the first excerpt. You closed your eyes and opened them again to see grey eyes smiling, not looking or staring, but smiling at you.

You chuckled and leaned back, throwing your feet on the table, blocking his perfect face. Of course you would want to go out with him. He is fucking Sirius Black. Instead, he took your feet off the table and put it on his lap. He hugged your feet and leaned his head on his arms.

There was silence and even though you were pretending to read the book you could see him staring at you. He sat up sending you a mischivious smile. You felt the heat rise up and you tried not to lose your cool as he looked up to you and grinned. Good thing you already read this book or you would die right now.

He is some sort of part of domestic violance and he then goes on a trip with his best friend and two other members of the photo club. They get lost and it turns out, he only got suspended because he was trying to protect his little brother.

You looked up to see him staring into the book.

sirius black x reader singing

His eyes were different. It was like all of a sudden they changed its color. Its not like this big tragedy. It talks about the meaning of friendship. This is Manc, the main character in the book. He has an older brother and a younger brother, who are also named Manc. You moved your finger to the next boy, who was holding a camera. Lives right next door and loves photography. He is also always there for Manc.Also, heck yes, a Frank Sinatra title! Im sorry if I failed you anon it got funky?

Originally posted by lovey-dovey-moments. She was sitting across from you, crying. After a week of seeing her cry and mope, you were angry. Angry at Sirius Black for taking her heart and breaking it. You were fuming. You were walking outside and you see Sirius and his friends.

Everyone knew who they were for their infamous pranks. They were all laughing about something. Anger bubbled up inside you and your hand curled into a fist. Remus was the first to notice you. He elbowed Sirius who turned and looked at you, a smirk playing on his lips. He stood up, ready to say a flirty remark.

All your anger and frustration with him went into that one movement. You began to cool down. You saw Peter gasp, Remus with his wand out, and James torn between being concerned and laughing. You saw Sirius bring his hand to his nose and touch it gingerly, wincing. Blood was starting to drip from it. You were recounting the events to her in the common room. In fact, she looked frustrated. She cut you off by leaving the room.Originally posted by bnbrns.

Maybe it was that time of the month? How was he supposed to know? Had you been crying? Why would you cry over something so silly?

And it seemed he had been the cause. What was she saying to you? Sirius narrowed his eyes, standing. You sniffled into your pillow but quieted once one of your housemates came in. You felt pretty pathetic at the moment. You must be like a little sister to him. You knew quite a few girls had already asked and he had politely turned them down, what made you different?

You scoffed and sat up, rubbing at your eyes. You had been so excited after talking to Remus, he had reassured you that Sirius would love to go with you and it had given you the courage to ask but now you were dreading even going. You peered at the dress that was hung up neatly.

It was so pretty, your parents had sent it not too long ago and it made you feel like a different person. It made you feel beautiful and interesting. You would find another date, and you would wear the dress and it would still be a great night, you decided.

The next day you were in potions, fiddling nervously with your robes. You wanted to have this done before Sirius came in. Otherwise you would lose your nerve. Thankfully, he was almost always late. You slid out of your seat and made your way across the room to the handsome hufflepuff, Edgar Bones, that you had been friends with all year. Your cheeks were already stained pink. After just being rejected, you were very worried that Edgar would say no as well, making you the least wanted girl in Hogwarts quite possibly.

There was a commotion at the front of the class as Sirius scrambled in just moments before class started and you had to look away to keep your self sabotaging thoughts to a minimum. You had to be at least a little confident to get Edgar to go with you. Edgar noticed the sudden tension in your shoulders and flung his arm over your shoulders. He winked and focused back on the teacher. Sirius Black was pouting.