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See photos of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio before they hit the big-time, and revisit their earliest onscreen roles. See the full gallery. From Edward Scissorhands and Corpse Bride to his latest outing, Dumbowe're breaking down the fantastic and macabre directorial stylings of Tim Burton.

Watch the video. Looking for some great streaming picks? Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Visit our What to Watch page. Sign In. Up this week. He spent most of his childhood as a recluse, drawing cartoons, and watching old movies he was especially fond of films with Vincent Price.

When he was Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Share this page:. Sleepy Hollow premiere.

tim burton

Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Tim Burton's work have you seen? Best Director-Composer Collaborations This director deserves a theme park! Nominated for 2 Oscars. Known For. Edward Scissorhands Producer.


Corpse Bride Producer. Frankenweenie Producer. Beetlejuice 2 executive producer announced. The Flying Saucers Short producer. Show all 10 episodes.Burton, who became interested in drawing and filmmaking while quite young, attended the California Institute of the Arts and later worked as an animator at Disney Productions.

A box-office success, the family movie centred on a man-child played by Paul Reubens looking for his stolen bicycle. With the dark comedy BeetlejuiceBurton established himself as an unconventional filmmaker. He turned to more mainstream fare with the big-budget Batman and its sequel Batman Returns Both films were major hits.

Burton was also responsible for the concept and general design of the stop-motion animation film The Nightmare Before Christmaswhich was directed by Henry Selick. During its filming, he had begun a romantic relationship with one of its stars, Helena Bonham Carterand the two became longtime partners. After directing Big Fishhe made Corpse Bridewhich was nominated for an Academy Award for best animated feature.

A feature-length stop-motion remake of Frankenweeniedirected by Burton, was released in Big Eyes told the true story of painter Margaret Keane, whose husband took credit for her work during the early part of her career. In he received mixed reviews for Dumboa live-action remake of the Disney classic.

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Britannica Quiz. Who is the mother, also an actor, of the film star Gwyneth Paltrow? Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription. Subscribe today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:.Tim Burton is a director, producer and screenwriter.

After majoring in animation at the California Institute of Arts, he got his start in the business by working as a Disney animator. As a child, Burton was engrossed with the classic horror films of Roger Corman—many of which featured quintessential screen villain Vincent Price. Burton also developed a penchant for drawing and enrolled at the California Institute of Arts, where he majored in animation.

Inupon his graduation, he began working as an apprentice animator for Walt Disney Studios. Within a year, Burton grew tired with his work at Disney and decided to strike out on his own. Inhe released the award-winning short Vincentwhich paid homage to the enduring work of his childhood idol.

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InBurton created a unique version of the Frankenstein story with the live-action short Frankenweenie. Often considered the prototypical Burton film, Beetlejuice was recognized for its visual flair and interwoven themes of fantasy and horror.

After forming his own production company, Burton directed the lavish production Batman The following year, Burton helmed the bizarre but touching film Edward Scissorhands.

Featuring notable performances by up-and-coming stars Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder as well as Price's final feature role as the eccentric inventorEdward Scissorhands was acclaimed for being both a social satire and a simple tale of love and intolerance. Created with the painstaking process of stop-motion animation, the film became a critical and commercial success, while Burton was credited for his technical prowess.

InBurton cast Depp as the title character in Ed Wood —a black-and-white portrait of a middling filmmaker and his all-consuming passion to succeed. Although critically praised Martin Landau won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his portrayal of a drug-addicted Bela Lugosithe film failed to appeal to mass audiences. After producing the third installment Batman Forever and the animated feature James and the Giant PeachBurton directed the sci-fi spoof Mars Attacks!

The film earned four Golden Globe nominations. Continuing with his interest in ghoulish subjects, inBurton directed the film adaptation of the popular musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. The film reunited Burton with longtime friend Depp and Bonham Carter.

All three received critical praise for their work on the film, including several Golden Globe nominations. Burton later directed the sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glassfor a release. InBurton worked with Depp on a film adaptation of the cult television series Dark Shadows.

Writer Seth Grahame-Smith penned the script for this humorous look at a vampire living among his descendants. The title character—a dog brought back to life after death—was inspired by one of his own pets.

Pepe "just had a good spirit, that dog," Burton told Entertainment Weekly. It was more just the memory and the spirit of him. In addition to his filmwork, Burton exhibited over drawings, paintings, and other artwork at New York City's Museum of Modern Art in and Burton became involved with Planet of the Apes star Bonham Carter in They had two children, a son, Billy, born in Octoberand a daughter, Nell, born in December Init was reported that the couple had separated after 13 years together.

We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! Subscribe to the Biography newsletter to receive stories about the people who shaped our world and the stories that shaped their lives.Despite his contrarian artiste nature and indie filmmaker persona, director Tim Burton helmed some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood history. With his roots in drawing and animation, Burton crafted over his career distinctly designed films that reflected the gothic horror influences of his youth.

Starting with "Pee Wee's Big Adventure"Burton quickly developed a reputation for a surreal artistic vision that often overshadowed narrative necessities. But his films were financially successful, leading to him directing the first two installments of the lucrative Dark Knight series, "Batman" and "Batman Returns" With "Ed Wood"however, Burton finally earned the respect of critics with his comically optimistic look at a befuddling filmmaker Johnny Depp prone to cross-dressing and making bad movies.

Further cementing his reputation as a visual artist of the highest caliber, Burton lent his dark, deft touch to the likes of "Sleepy Hollow""Big Fish" and the acclaimed macabre musical, "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" Three years later, the director delivered the smash hit "Alice in Wonderland"quickly followed by "Dark Shadows" and "Frankenweenie" Once considered an eccentric outsider, Burton had, without a doubt, evolved in to one of Hollywood's most admired and successful filmmakers with an instantly recognizable point of view.

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tim burton

Karel Zeman: Adventurer in Film. Big Eyes. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Dark Shadows. Alice in Wonderland. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Big Fish. Planet of the Apes. Sleepy Hollow. Mars Attacks! James and the Giant Peach. Batman Forever.Timothy Walter Burton [a] born August 25, is an American filmmaker, animator, and artist.

He has directed blockbuster films, such as the adventure-comedy Pee-wee's Big Adventurethe superhero films Batman and Batman Returnsthe sci-fi film Planet of the Apesthe fantasy-drama Big Fishthe musical adventure film Charlie and the Chocolate Factorythe fantasy film Alice in Wonderlandand the film adaptation of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Burton has often worked with actor Johnny Depp and composer Danny Elfmanwho has composed scores for all but three of the films Burton has directed.

Helena Bonham CarterBurton's former domestic partnerhas appeared in many of his films.

tim burton

A follow-up to that book, entitled The Napkin Art of Tim Burton: Things You Think About in a Barcontaining sketches made by Burton on napkins at bars and restaurants he visited, was released in Burton attended Providencia Elementary School in Burbank. Burton went to Burbank High Schoolbut he was not a particularly good student.

He played on the water polo team at Burbank High. Burton was an introspective person and found pleasure in painting, drawing, and watching movies. His future work would be heavily influenced by the works of such childhood heroes as Dr.

Seuss and Roald Dahl. Stalk of the Celery Monster attracted the attention of Walt Disney Productions' animation divisionwhich offered Burton an animator's apprenticeship at the studio. His concept art never made it into the finished films. While at Disney inBurton made his first short, Vincenta six-minute black-and-white stop motion film based on a poem written by Burton, which depicts a young boy who fantasizes that he is his hero Vincent Pricewith Price himself providing narration.

The film was produced by Rick Heinrichswhom Burton had befriended while working in the concept art department at Disney. The film was shown at the Chicago Film Festival and released, alongside the teen drama Texfor two weeks in one Los Angeles cinema.

This was followed by Burton's first live-action production, Hansel and Gretela Japanese-themed adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale for the Disney Channelwhich climaxes in a kung fu fight between Hansel and Gretel and the witch.

Having aired once in at pm on Halloween and promptly shelved, prints of the film are extremely difficult to locate, fueling rumors that the project did not exist. Burton's next live-action short film, Frankenweeniewas released in It tells the story of a young boy who tries to revive his dog after it is run over by a car. Filmed in black-and-white, it stars Barret OliverShelley Duvall with whom he would work again indirecting an episode of her television series Faerie Tale Theatreand Daniel Stern.

After Frankenweenie was completed, Disney fired Burton, under the pretext of him spending the company's resources on a film that would be too dark and scary for children to see. Actor Paul Reubens saw Frankenweenie and chose Burton to direct the cinematic spin-off of his popular character Pee-wee Hermanstating on the audio commentary of DVD release of Pee-wee's Big Adventure that as soon as the short began, he was sold on Burton's style.

Pee-wee Herman gained mainstream popularity with a successful stage show at The Groundlings and the Roxy which was later turned into an HBO special. Burton, a fan of the eccentric musical group Oingo Boingoasked songwriter Danny Elfman to provide the music for the film. Their teenage daughter, Lydia Winona Ryderhas an obsession with death which allows her to see the deceased couple.

Tim Burton

It would be converted into a cartoon of the same namewith Burton playing a role as executive producer, that ran on ABC and later Fox. Burton's ability to produce hits with low budgets impressed studio executives, and he received his first big budget film, Batman. The production was plagued with problems. Burton repeatedly clashed with the film's producers, Jon Peters and Peter Guberbut the most notable debacle involved casting. For the title role, Burton chose to cast Michael Keaton as Batman following their previous collaboration in Beetlejuicedespite Keaton's average physique, inexperience with action films, and reputation as a comic actor.

Although Burton won in the end, the furor over the casting provoked enormous fan animosity, to the extent that Warner Brothers' share price slumped.A value of 0. The most widely-used type of correlation coefficient is Pearson r, also called linear or product- moment correlation.

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